Is Teton Hunt Right in the 21st Century?

THE HUFFINGTON POST | By Todd Wilkinson – Tom Mangelsen savors the quiet fall.  The renowned Jackson Hole wildlife photographer, who has traveled to every continent in search of remarkable animal imagery, considers the autumn mating ritual of North American elk to be among the greatest spectacles of nature. Nowhere else is the scene more dramatic,

In Profile – Tom Mangelsen: A Date with Nature

LONDON NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM | Wildlife Photographer of the Year - Continuing our series profiling the masters of nature photography, legendary wildlife photographer, Tom Mangelsen, explains the importance of mentors, and how he fits his life around nature’s great events.  My life’s itinerary is set by Nature’s beat. I work out the best times to

The Lives and Deaths of Yellowstone’s Grizzlies

PRAIRIE FIRE | By Paul A. Johnsgard - About fifty thousand years ago, as the northern hemisphere was locked in a global deep-freeze and the continental glaciers of the Pleistocene were at a maximum, a large land bridge that connected Asia and North America existed in the general region now occupied by the Bering Sea and

“Yellowstone Wildlife” Earns Design Award

SOUTHWEST BOOK DESIGN AND PRODUCTION AWARDS COMPETITION  |  Yellowstone Wildlife: Ecology and Natural History of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (University Press) by Paul A. Johnsgard and Thomas D. Mangelsen earned the design and production award for trade books illustrated.  The award recognizes creativity and quality in book design and distinction in production. The awards help

Game and Fish should Lead by Example

JACKSON HOLE NEWS & GUIDE  |  I am a longtime and proud resident of this valley. I am also a conservationist who has spent years of my life in the field observing wildlife in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and around the world.  In light of Gov. Matt Mead’s recent push to expedite delisting of the

Grizzlies Eat Swan Feed, Evade Traps Near Kelly

JACKSON HOLE NEWS & GUIDE  |  Photographer says Game and Fish erred in trying to move bears….The grizzly family in question could have been world-famous bear 399 and her two cubs, wildlife photographer Tom Mangelsen said… View or download PDF article> (80KB)

An Exhibition at the San Diego Natural History Museum

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA  |  Wondrous and enchanting yet fragile and at risk, The Natural World, as seen through the eyes of celebrated nature photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen, chronicles ten distinct ecosystems that serve as islands of refuge not only for the Earth’s diversity of life but for the human spirit as well. The man American

Thank You from the Bottom of My Heart – Birthday Gratitude from Dr. Goodall

Tom Mangelsen attended Jane Goodall’s birthday party in San Francisco at the beginning of April.  Several images were donated and auctioned to support the Jane Goodall Institute and wildlife conservation efforts. THE JANE GOODALL INSTITUTE – Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Charlie Knowles and the staff of WCN, Google, Dave Matthews,

Nebraska’s Amazing Sandhill Crane Migration

CBS NEWS — GIBBON, NEBRASKA  |  CBS Evening News aired a story on Nebraska’s amazing sandhill crane migration, featuring Dr. Jane Goodall and Paul Johnsgard – Tom’s mentor and the world’s foremost authority on cranes. The film crew spent a day with Tom and his guests at his family cabin on the Platte River two

Mt Lion Hunting Ban Awaiting Governor’s Signature

THE LINCOLN JOURNAL STAR  |  The Nebraska Legislature sent a bill to the governor Monday that would stop hunting of mountain lions in the state…. Sen. Ernie Chambers had started his campaign against the Game and Parks Commission’s ability to schedule hunting seasons for mountain lions last fall. They scheduled three seasons this year and