Grizzly Factor – Famous Bear 399 Has Yet Another Brood of Triplets

Jackson Hole News & Guide  |  Jackson Hole’s famous grizzly bear 399 is even more revered this week after she emerged from her den with three new cubs. The grizzly mom, named for her research number, is renowned for mothering two other sets of triplets in previous springs. She staked out territory just south of the

Grizzly 399 Leaves Den with Her Third Cub Trio

Jackson Hole News & Guide  |  The famous roadside grizzly mother known as 399 has done it again.  Photographers and wildlife watchers saw her for the first time this spring after she emerged from her den with three small cubs at her side…..The litter marks the third time 399 has given birth to triplets, photographer

Stop Killing Mountain Lions for Sport

Jackson Hole News & Guide  |  It has been 13 years since I co-founded The Cougar Fund with Cara Blessley-Lowe. I had no intention to start a nonprofit —ever— yet as I observed and photographed the now famous cougar family that arrived on Miller Butte on Valentine’s Day of 1999, I became conscious of the difficulties

The True Cost of Wild Horse Roundups

NBC News  |  DELTA, Utah — The mustangs run with a spirit that makes them legendary here in the West. On a bitter cold morning, they descend from the Swasey mountains of central Utah and gallop for miles across the plains. Stallions and mares, beautiful and strong, guiding their young.   It’s an enthralling scene, but

Bear 610’S Cubs Split

Jackson Hole News & Guide  |  One of Grand Teton National Park’s most famous grizzly bears cast off her three cubs this week, park officials and photographers say…..Unlike with 399’s litter, Mangelsen hasn’t assigned pet names to the young of Grizzly 610, which he said are difficult to discern from each other.  Mangelsen saw the

Game Farm Photography in the News

Chicago Tribune  |   Read an important update on this story> BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — An animal trainer mauled to death while cleaning the Montana pen of two, 500-pound captive brown bears used for filmmaking suffered extensive wounds that make it impossible to determine if he was conscious before the attack, authorities said Monday… More on