Following a Family of Grizzly Bears in Greater Yellowstone Park

TREEHUGGER | By Bonnie Alter This new photography book, GRIZZLY: THE BEARS OF GREATER YELLOWSTONE, by Tom Mangelsen is a visual and written story of grizzly bears in the Rockies and Greater Yellowstone Park in Wyoming. It’s an area long famous for its grizzly bear population… More> View or download PDF article> (500KB)

Grizzly Glory

POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY | By Jack Cragar Tom Mangelsen has photographed wildlife from hummingbirds to elephants, but he has a special soft spot for bears. And he’s particularly fond of the grizzlies that roam Grand Teton National Park near his home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. “The more I see bears, the more I feel for them…

Mangelsen Shows New Images of Bear 399

Jackson Hole News & Guide | By Jeanette Boner Famed wildlife photographer Tom Mangelsen continues to give a platform to the natural world with his latest collaborative book project… More>

Grizzlies of Pilgrim Creek: A stunning look at Greater Yellowstone’s iconic grizzly bears

SIERRA CLUB | By Aliyah Kovner Once at the edge of extinction, grizzly bear populations have been gradually increasing in the United States since the enactment of the Endangered Species Act. According to the National Park Service, there were only 136 bears in the Greater Yellowstone area when the species was granted protection in 1975…

Photo of Lasting Interest

READER’S DIGEST | By MaryAnne Golan A photo of lasting interest: Photograph feature by Thomas D. Mangelsen as selected by MaryAnne Golan, Director of Photography at the Washington Post… More>