A Fine New Book on a Famous Grizzly Bear Family of Jackson Hole

THE WILDLIFE NEWS | By Ralph Maughan I recently wrote about the reinhabitation of grizzly bears in Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole. There, two female bears and their families have really caught folks attention for about the last decade. This book is about them… Read full length story> View or download PDF article>

Park’s ‘Elk Reduction’ a Travesty of Hunting

Jackson Hole News & Guide | By Todd Wilkinson Sometimes it’s only through an outsider’s lens that we are able to see absurdity for what it is. I’m talking about Grand Teton National Park’s annual “elk reduction program,” which commenced again last week… Read full length story> View or download PDF article> (80KB)  

A ‘Natural History Cliffhanger’: New Book Tracks the Story of Grizzly Bears, Which were Once on the Path Toward Extinction

OMAHA WORLD HERALD | By Casey Logan Todd Wilkinson has been writing about grizzly bears for three decades, and in that time he believes he’s witnessed one of the great success stories in conservation history. The Greater Yellowstone grizzly, once on the path toward extinction, now numbers as many as 1,000 by some estimates… Read

Grand Teton’s Most Famous Bear, No. 399

WYOFILE | By Kelsey Dayton It was 2006 and photographer Tom Mangelsen had lived in Jackson for several decades. He’d traveled to Alaska where he’d photographed grizzlies and published a book of images he’d captured of polar bears. He’d glimpsed a few bears in Yellowstone National Park, but he’d never seen a grizzly in Grand

Bringing Back the Great Bear

DEFENDERS MAGAZINE | By Todd Wilkinson The grizzly’s recovery is remarkable, but there is still work to be done. Not long ago, nature photographer Tom Mangelsen and I stood along a roadside in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming with a crowd of onlookers mesmerized by a grizzly that suddenly rose up on hind legs.

What’s Next for Yellowstone’s Grizzlies?

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC | By Todd Wilkinson Chris Servheen knows why grizzly bears matter. Like millions of others, he and his two teenage sons make a summer pilgrimage each year to Yellowstone National Park to catch a glimpse of these symbols of the West… More>

Putting a stop to our Ruthless Persecution of Predators

blog.humanesociety.org | Wayne Pacelle One of my favorite presentations came from acclaimed photographer Tom Mangelsen and journalist Todd Wilkinson, authors of a new work, Grizzlies of Pilgrim Creek; An Intimate Portrait of 399, a striking chronicle of the life of Greater Yellowstone’s most famous grizzly bear and her family… Read full length story> View or