The Lives and Deaths of Yellowstone’s Grizzlies

PRAIRIE FIRE  |  By Paul A. Johnsgard - About fifty thousand years ago, as the northern hemisphere was locked in a global deep-freeze and the continental glaciers of the Pleistocene were at a maximum, a large land bridge that connected Asia and North America existed in the general region now occupied by the Bering Sea and Alaska, the so-called “Beringia” region. Across that corridor many mammals migrated from Asia over the millennia, including North America’s ancestral brown bears and, much more recently, the first humans.   Read full length story>

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Photo below by Thomas D. Mangelsen: Three subadult grizzlies spent a couple of weeks wandering around Togwotee Pass, feeding on grass and berries. Here the siblings laze around together after feasting for five days on the remains of a bull moose killed by an archery hunter.