Park Hunters Herd Elk into a Hail of Rifle Fire

JACKSON HOLE DAILY | By Mike Koshmrl – Witnesses say hunters in Grand Teton National Park drove a herd of elk from a no-hunt zone and toward an awaiting firing line Wednesday….. Wildlife photographer Tom Mangelsen— long an opponent of the park hunt — said hunter behavior Wednesday was as egregious as he’s seen.  By Mangelsen’s account, around 11 a.m. a person pushed a herd of about 100 elk out of an area off limits to hunters near Kelly. Once the herd was on the move, chaos ensued, he said…. More>

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A crowd of hunters participating in the Teton park hunt herded elk from a no-hunting area into a barrage of bullets on Wednesday, upsetting nonhunting passersby. Photo by Thomas D. Mangelsen