Mangelsen’s Magic

BARE ESSENTIALS-SEEK ADVENTURE. SAVE WILDLIFE | By Inga Yandell – “The Last Great Wild Places” is a collection of unparalleled photographs—spanning forty years and seven continents—by Thomas D. Mangelsen, one of the world’s foremost wildlife photographers. Driven by a passion for sharing and preserving the Earth’s last great wild places, Mangelsen is as much a conservationist as a natural history photographer and artist. From majestic elephants and giraffes on the plains of Kilimanjaro to polar bears in the Arctic, and from mountains and prairies to primordial jungles, Mangelsen invites us to witness fleeting wildness. “The Last Great Wild Places” is a record of the Earth’s last great locales, one that will inspire present and future generations with the message that what we have can, and must, be saved… More>


“The Moose Pond” by Thomas D. Mangelsen