Following a Family of Grizzly Bears in Greater Yellowstone Park

TREEHUGGER | By Bonnie Alter
This new photography book, GRIZZLY: THE BEARS OF GREATER YELLOWSTONE, by Tom Mangelsen is a visual and written story of grizzly bears in the Rockies and Greater Yellowstone Park in Wyoming. It’s an area long famous for its grizzly bear population… More>

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Grizzlies of Pilgrim Creek

Grizzlies of Pilgrim Creek, an Intimate Portrait of 399, the Most Famous Bear of Greater Yellowstone

Photo by Thomas D. Mangelsen

After a strange mix-up, 610 and her two cubs, as well as one cub adopted from her mother, 399, walk along Pacific Creek Road. The reason is unknown but the mix-up may have occurred while both families were hunting elk calves in Willow Flats. Here, 610 in her summer coat looks thin, likely due to the stress of nursing and providing for an additional cub. Photo by Thomas D. Mangelsen