Park: Shot Griz A First

ci121126_GrizShot_inGTNPHunters killed an adult male grizzly bear in Grand Teton National Park on Thanksgiving morning…..Wildlife photographer Tom Mangelsen was on the scene shortly after hearing that a grizzly had been killed. There were 40 or 50 hunters, outfitters, photographers and residents gathered at Teton Point overlook while Park Service officials worked to remove the bruin, Mangelsen said.  “We saw 610 and her three cubs yesterday mid-morning when everybody was down there trying to sort out what happened,” Mangelsen said.

Mangelsen is a longtime critic of the park’s elk hunt.  “I came from a very long and strong hunting background, but this is not a hunt,” Mangelsen said. “It increases bad behavior. People are chasing elk in their vehicles while on their cellphones. They’re herd shooting…” More> View or download PDF article (778KB) or read more at