Game Farm Photography in the News

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BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — An animal trainer mauled to death while cleaning the Montana pen of two, 500-pound captive brown bears used for filmmaking suffered extensive wounds that make it impossible to determine if he was conscious before the attack, authorities said Monday… More on this game farm tragedy> (View or download PDF —45KB)

Tom Mangelsen captures his images in the Earth’s great wild places, has spoken out against Game Farm photography for many years, and feels it is more important than ever to educate people about the practice.  Game Farm photography is not an issue that is broadly understood. Imagine genetically wild animals born in captivity, incarcerated for life, only to be paroled and paraded for profit, and you have the Game Farm picture.  Not only is Tom concerned about the welfare and exploitation of the animals, but also about the continuing loss of credibility and integrity to the wildlife photography profession once people learn that many of the photographs they have admired are of animals that spend their lives in cages.  Read more about Game Farm Photography>