Noble Spine Centre – Lincoln, Nebraska

The Noble Spine Centre displays a collection of 26 limited-edition prints by Thomas D. Mangelsen in a beautifully designed facility.

“The images absolutely have a calming effect on the patients and the office staff. Before the display, I could be running an hour behind, and people would be sticking their head out the door saying, ‘Is he going to come in, is he going to come in?’ Now they are relaxed. It’s easier to talk to them. It seems like their blood pressures are lower. It has been a total change from the prior 18 years I was in practice. So it has been really rewarding. I’m an outdoor guy myself, and I always knew that I felt good when I was outdoors. Well, now I get to feel that everyday when I’m in the centre. I think the patients really love it!”

Dr. Dan Noble
Noble Spine Centre
Lincoln, Nebraska