A Private Collector Event with Dr. Jane Goodall and Thomas D. Mangelsen at the Mangelsen – Images of Nature Gallery in Omaha, Nebraska


A private collector event with Dr. Jane Goodall and Thomas D. Mangelsen was held at the Mangelsen – Images of Nature Gallery in Omaha, Nebraska.
Collectors gathered for live and silent auctions of Tom’s Artist Proof Prints and the premiere of several new images from Tom’s most recent trip to Africa. Proceeds from the auctions were donated to support the important work of Dr. Jane Goodall, world renowned primatologist, conservationist and humanitarian, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and a UN Messenger of Peace. Dr. Goodall spoke of her work which revolves around inspiring action on behalf of endangered species, particularly chimpanzees, and encouraging people to do their part to make the world a better place for people, animals, and the environment we all share. She also focused on her annual trip to Nebraska to witness the migration of thousands of sandhill cranes as they make their way to the far north.

Every year from mid-February through mid-April, over 500,000 sandhill cranes along with thousands of ducks and geese converge on the Platte River in Nebraska, forming one of the world’s most spectacular wildlife displays. The Platte River Valley is the most important stop-over along the crane’s annual migration. The river provides the perfect spot to rest and safely roost on the sandbars at night. The nearby agricultural fields and wet meadows offer an abundance of food and nutrition the birds need to reach their breeding grounds in good condition.

Thomas D. Mangelsen has made it a yearly ritual to travel to the Mangelsen family cabin on the banks of the Platte to witness the great crane migration.



Watch and listen to Dr. Jane Goodall speak about the migration and our natural world.