Stop Killing Mountain Lions for Sport

ci130515_StopKillingMtnLionsForSportJackson Hole News & Guide  |  It has been 13 years since I co-founded The Cougar Fund with Cara Blessley-Lowe. I had no intention to start a nonprofit —ever— yet as I observed and photographed the now famous cougar family that arrived on Miller Butte on Valentine’s Day of 1999, I became conscious of the difficulties faced by this mother as she endeavored to nurture her three kittens. The kittens were three to four months and were totally dependent on her. Ironically, though the cougars lived in the midst of herds of mule deer, bighorn sheep and more than 10,000 elk, the daunting struggles the female cougar endured to provide for her family were evident…  More> View or download PDF article (135KB)